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Library of Curiosity


The Library of Curiosity is a living work which will be updated regularly.

Until these links are live, you can access its contents by clicking HERE




Anidoodles & Dinodoodles

Curiously Named Animals

Superheroes of Chemistry


Getting Curious About STEM

What If Robots Looked Like Humans?

English & Literature




What If Entrepreneurship Isn't Business as Usual

Global Issues

Conquering COVID-19 with 17 SDGs


School of Tomorrow, Today

What If Wild Cards





All of the Curiosity Based Learning experiences follow the structure below. The structure is designed to keep lessons simple and for learners or educators to attach additional learning, activities, or learning approaches at any and all points. 


  • Content for Learning

    • Presentation of content to establish the focus, learning objectives, or topic of the specific lesson; can be presented in texts, images, videos, case studies and/or Curiosity Based Learning processes (e.g. What? to Wow!).


  • Curiosity Kick-Off  Activity

    • Users interact with the Content for Learning in ways that encourages their learning to:

      • starts with their own curiosity

      • make personal, relevant connections to the Content of Learning


  • Comp-Check Reflect 

    • User goes through (and/or repeats) a Curiosity Based Learning process to: 

      • demonstrate comprehension of the Content for Learning

      • reflects on his/her learning, learning process, deeper meanings and learning from the Content for Learning, and personal changes or actions.


  • Demonstration of Learning

    • Users submit something they took action to produce that demonstrates: 

      • their understanding of the Content for Learning

      • ownership of their learning

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