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Matt Murrie is the Founder of What If Curiosity, the Creator of Curiosity-Based Thinking, and the author of eight books on curiosity including The Book of What If…? and The Screaming Hairy Armadillo. He is a two-time Returned Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Macedonia where he taught English and Honduras where he designed environmental awareness experiences. Matt was an English Professor at Westminster College and the founding Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Center of the Churchill Institute for Global Engagement.


Combining research and practical experiences, Matt has been stoking curiosity in the minds of students and professionals for several years by designing and facilitating What If...? Experiences, workshops, and educational experiences that cultivate curiosity, wonder, and collaborative actions using Curiosity-Based Thinking.

Outcomes and Testimonials

“Matt conducted a session on creative problem solving (with urban planning as our example) that examined the democratization of the question asking process; connecting everyone to people, resources, and processes.”


Kelley Haggert, Employee Communications at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



“Matt offers a unique method of exploring strategic planning and change management. He is very engaging and inspires others to stretch out of their comfort zones in order to achieve the desired results.”


Joel Kaplan, Chief Financial Officer at Primaris Healthcare Business Solutions



​"I saw Matthew a few years ago at MIT’s Innovators Under 35 event in Mexico City. I still take into account his words about “What? To Wow!” on many of my projects."


​Miguel Vidal Islas, Frontline Marketing Analyst for The Coca-Cola Company

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