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What If Curiosity for Educators

Educators around the world use What If Curiosity's proprietary Curiosity Based Learning process to engage and reward learners' curiosity to make their learning more collaborative, relevant, and empathetic by allowing our innate curiosity to broaden the learning and effectiveness of their educational experiences.


“This curiosity based learning experience allowed our students'
curiosities and interests to shine. They were engaged with the
What If process from start to finish while collaborating,
questioning, and making connections to their learning. We
were amazed by what they produced during the session. Our
goal is to develop global citizenship in our students and
provide them with opportunities to take their learning beyond
the walls of their school.

Michael Drezek
District Technology Integrator
Lake Shore Central School District

Want More?

What If Curiosity Based Learning Starter Packet

Get a quick introduction to the story of and and why behind What If Curiosity's Curiosity Based Learning along with an overview of some steps and processes.

Educator's Guide for The Book of What If...?

Discover how the What If Curiosity's Curiosity Based Learning can unlock your students' (and your own!) learning with The Book of What If...?'s Educator's Guide 

Research and other Reading

What if there's an ever-growing library of reading and learning on and around the power of and links between curiosity and improved learning!

Readings for Curious Minds

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