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What If Curiosity for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs around the world use What If Curiosity's proprietary Curiosity Based Learning process to help them turn their ideas into actions for everything from better understanding their customers and problems they are solving to communicating their concept for investment or growing into new markets.

What If Curiosity Is Your Most Valuable Resource

What if… curiosity is an entrepreneur's most valuable tool? What If Curiosity converts entrepreneurial spirit into entrepreneurial energy that has helped start new businesses, create new jobs, and create communities who think entrepreneurially.


What If Curiosity experiences can also be directed to prepare entrepreneurs to significantly increase their success at pitching, growing their network, and finding the necessary ingredients for growth.

Want More?

8 Step Starup

What if you could go from curiosity to scaleable startup in 8 steps? The What If 8 Step Startup shares how in 8 steps with 8 outcomes.

Entrepreneur's Guide to The Book of What If...?

Discover how What If Curiosity's Curiosity Based Learning can help you with your free copy of the Entrepreneur's Guide to The Book of What If...? 

Recommended Readings for Entrepreneurs

What if reading can activate and satiate curiosity cravings?

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